Keep skin clean, you will also shine in summer
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Keep skin clean, you will also shine in summer

Your skin is affected most in heat. Therefore, it is important to take special care of the skin during this season. Due to strong sunlight, sweating and dirt, the skin is not only susceptible to sunburn and tanning, but viral infection can also make it sick. Neelam Shukla is telling ways to avoid them.

The skin which keeps the whole winter blooming, the brightness of the same skin starts decreasing in summer. Red-red rashes and rash start to burn with skin due to allergic heat. If the skin does not take measures to protect the skin in the summer, then the skin will bloat, the face will also become confused. Meenakshi Tuteja, chief of the Meenakshise Beauty Institute, says that the use of natural medicines has always been used as a therapy, to keep the body healthy or to refresh the face. Natural ingredients and oils of Natural Plant like basil, rose, jasmine are used in therapy. For this, all natural things are mixed together and body massages are done. It benefits from many levels.

Milk is Best Cleanser: Mix turmeric and lemon juice in raw milk and mix this mixture on the skin. This is a very good natural cleanser. Wash it with normal water after 15 minutes after applying it.

Rose water as toner: Rose water has effective natural water for the face. Wash face with gram flour and rose water at least twice a day to maintain face moisture. This will refresh the face. Put rose water on skin and face. It reduces the secretion of oil from the skin and keeps the skin cool.

Do not forget to clean the skin : Do not forget to clean the skin in summer. Use natural things for this. This eliminates all the dead cells of the skin and the skin gets refreshed. Exfoliate also increases blood circulation in the face, thereby shining in the face. Besan, honey and turmeric help remove dead skin and make it shiny. Put a little nut powder in yogurt, cream, honey and turmeric, and put it on your face. Your skin will start to become white in a few days with things being mixed with nut. Make a paste by mixing one big spoon urad dal and 5-6 almonds in water overnight and put them on face and neck. This will give face to face like facials.

Place of Rome holes Attention: In the summer, the hair follicles are opened. Lime and honey are the best for this. Vitamin C found in it cleanses it by going deep into the skin pores and makes skin shiny. Due to the presence of antioxidant properties in lemon, it keeps blood health enhanced by increasing blood circulation. Apart from this, you can also use it by mixing it with cucumber juice, which makes the skin of the skin free of lubrication. Mix ghee and milk in two large spoons of masoor dal flour and make paste. Apply it on face, neck and hands and wash it on drying.

Herbal sunscreen lotion: Add glycerin and rose water to cucumber juice and keep it in the fridge for a while. Apply 20 minutes before leaving the house with Rui on face, hands and feet. This mixture protects you from sunlight.

Tomatoes for scaly skin: Tomatoes can easily clean your scorched skin. Using your daily use increases the face of your face. For this, grind two tomatoes well and apply its pulp and juice on the face. If the paste is prepared in a tomato by mixing oatmeal and raw milk, then it will become a great face pack. This pack removes dead cells of the skin. Mix oatmeal, milk and tomato juice and apply it on your face.

Skin Skin: If you want to beautify your beauty, then create the face pack of cucumber and watermelon. This pack is a good recipe for oily skin. Watermelon contains plenty of antioxidant properties, which remove wrinkles of the skin. They provide relief from problems like Sunburn and Sun Tan.

Remove the dead skin: If your face or hands are scorched with a strong sun, it is very important to remove the dead skin on it. Due to dead skin, the skin becomes black. To remove tanning and dead skin, rub the lemon slice on it. After that wash it with clean water.

Keep Complete Focus: Lighten the food in the heat. This will make you feel fresh in the whole season and also avoid water shortages in the body. If the amount of anti oxidants is high in the food, this will reduce the effect of sunlight on the skin. Foods containing vitamin C do repair skin damaged in the sun. These vitamins are found in vegetables and fruits, which include carrots, papaya, black grapes and green leafy vegetables. Also drink plenty of water. Keep fresh fresh fruits, fresh lemon water, salads, etc. in the summer season. Add beetroot to the food. It is also very helpful not just to our body but to make our skin healthy. With excessive sweating in the heat, there is also a lack of water in your skin along with the body. The skin loses its moisture. The skin needs more moisture in the heat, so drink plenty of water. Lassi, curd, By drinking lemon water both the body and the skin will get enough moisture. Do not eat too much heat and heavy food in the heat. Eat more in fruits and salads this season. This will give the body energy and moisture and the skin will also be refreshed. Avoid caffeine items. Minimize the consumption of tea or coffee for this.

Try these too
1. Applying raw green papaya paste on the face, the skin looks healthy and beautiful. The Papan enzyme contained in it keeps the skin safe.
2. Make honey on face and neck to make facial skin beautiful and cautious, after drying it clean it with lukewarm water.
3. Applying Aloe vera gel everyday on the face gives rise to skin, other skin problems are also removed.
4. Applying pure casser oil daily on the face gives less wrinkles and the skin looks soft and soft.
5. Make a piece of raw potato for 5 to 10 minutes on face to make the skin immaculate. By doing this daily, the facial scars will diminish within a few weeks.

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