Make these tips strong with the body Immunity, Learn the signs of weak immune mechanisms
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Make these tips strong with the body Immunity, Learn the signs of weak immune mechanisms

Frequent infection or seasonal allergic means that your immune system is weak. What are some things to keep in mind to improve your immunity, Rajlakshmi Tripathi is providing information on the occasion of the immune week to be held from April 24 to 30.

Immunity is the ability to fight the toxins present in your body. There may be many causes of toxin in the body, such as bacteria, viruses, or other harmful paraasites. The truth is that many bacteria and viruses are present around the body, which cause you to suffer from many diseases. To protect the body from external infections and diseases, there is a defense system inside the body, which is called immune system or disease resistant force. If your immunity is strong, then you not only avoid colds, cough-like problems in changing weather, but because of this you also avoid serious diseases like hepatitis, lung infection, kidney infections. According to senior physician Dr. Himanshu Shekhar, if you get sick again and again, this means that your immunity is not strong, because when the person gets immunity, not only does he get sick,

What are the symptoms?
Coldness with changing weather.
2. Feeling lonely at all times
3. Unable to recover early on sickness.
4. Tired of doing a little work.

You can increase
your immunity, keep your health healthy, and improve your immunity by making a little change in your daily routine and diet. The truth is that when your immune system is going well, then you will be able to be a good health owner. In addition to exercising regular exercise to enhance immunity, besides being aware of your diet, it is also important to include those things in your diet, which will nourish your body as well as increase the immunity of the disease. You can also consult a dietician for this. Do not include chips, friesfraise, pasta, white flour, canned food, soda drinks, red meat etc. in your diet, because even if they do not want to, the immune system is weak.

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Do not
do breakfast in the morning, ignoring the morning breakfast is a habit of many people. Not only this, the health of such people is bad but it also affects their immunity. If you want to improve your immunity, no matter how fast you are in the morning, definitely do not have breakfast in the morning. Make sure you have plenty of protein in your morning breakfast. Include juice or lassi with boiled eggs, seasonal fresh fruits, porridge, nuts, sprouted grains in your morning breakfast. When your day starts with the right snack, it also increases your immune system’s resistance with nourishment to both your body and mind.

Keep Weight Controlled
Obesity is the reason for many diseases. The fact is that obese people are more afflicted with stomach disorders compared to thin ones. Due to obesity, you may also suffer from problems like diabetes and blood pressure. Due to obesity, the disease resistance of the body also starts decreasing. Due to obesity, it is difficult to develop white cells. When the white cells in the body begin to decrease, the resistance is reduced.

Physical activity is important
to keep yourself healthy and to improve your immunity, the body must be active. When you do not work and eat food when you feel hungry, you become infected with many diseases associated with the stomach. Physical inactivity also affects your body’s immune system. To avoid this, make regular exercise part of your daily routine. When you exercise, your stemina increases. The energies you take are digested by digesting your digestive tract. For this, you should include a walk along with yoga and meditation in your exercise.

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Eight hours of sleep is essential for being
healthy enough to keep your sleep complete. Doctors also believe that eight hours of deep sleep is essential to stay healthy. The truth is that due to many problems associated with health, sleep is not complete. During the changing routine, you also work at night, due to which your sleep is interrupted. If you want to improve your immunity with keeping yourself healthy, it is very important that you keep yourself away from unnecessary stress and sleep deeply.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol
To keep yourself healthy, it is very important that distance is made from narcotic items. If you regularly consume alcohol and cigarettes, then control your habit to keep yourself healthy and improve immunity. In addition to incorporating the foods that increase the immunity in your diet, make regular exercise part of your daily routine.

Keep these things in mind

1. In addition to keeping the environment around you clean, take special care of your physical hygiene, because the cause of many diseases is dirt.

2. Basil and Curry Leaf contain abundance of anti-oxidant elements. Chewing eight-ten leaves per day increases the immunity of disease.

3. Sit in the sunlight for a while, so that you face the sun’s ultra violet rays. Smoke is a great source of vitamin D, which strengthens the bone strength and also improves the immune system.

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These foods will increase immunity
1. To , definitely add tomatoes in your diet. The antioxidant named lycopene contained in it is essential for your brain’s health. Apart from this, tomatoes contain an abundance of vitamins, vitamins and fibers, which prove useful in improving immunity.

2. Citrus fruits such as orange, lemon, amla, seasonal contain plenty of vitamin C, which is helpful in the formation of white blood cells fighting every kind of infection. Make all these things a regular part of your diet.

3. Garlic gives the body’s immune system the ability to fight diseases by placing an abundance of anti oxidants. It contains an element called aliceine, which gives the body the power to fight any type of infection and bacteria. By including the balanced amount of garlic in the daily diet, the body’s immune system increases as well as stomach ulcers and cancer are also protected from the body. By taking two buds of garlic every morning, blood pressure is in control and long immune system remains strong.

4. The spinach is found to have an element called folate which, with the formation of new cells in the body, also works for the strengthening of cells and repair of DNA. Fiber Iron contained in it keeps the body healthy by increasing the anti-oxidant. Vitamin C, which is present in the spinach, helps the body maintain healthy in every way. Regular consumption of boiled spinach increases the resistance of the body’s immune system.

5. Mushroom helps in the activation of white blood cells of the body. It contains mineral, selenium, anti oxidant element, vitamin B, nicin etc. In addition, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor elements are found in mushrooms. The mushroom contains the abundance of the element which strengthens the body’s immune system.

6. Soaking eight or ten grains of daily onions, Khan not only increases the body’s immune system, but also provides the power to fight the mind with stress. Vitamin E in almonds is helpful in increasing the naturally occurring cells in the body.

7. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. To consolidate the immune system and increase immunity, drink lots of vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water. Eat germinated grains too.

(Based on the conversation with Dr. Himanshu Shekhar, senior physician of SCI International Hospital and Dietikan Komal Thakur)

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