If you like to eat honey then keep these things in mind
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If you like to eat honey then keep these things in mind

Honey has many beneficial benefits Because of which, it consumes energy and freshness in the body. But its use should be cautious, because a little error is dangerous for health. According to health experts, these things should be taken care of in the use of honey.

Do not take breakfast and eat dinner late in the night

1- There is heat in honey. It should be avoided with eating hot food, otherwise there is a possibility of diarrhea.
2- With the consumption of honey with tea or coffee, the body temperature increases. It is likely to increase panic.
3- Avoid eating radish with honey, it starts toxin in the body.
4- By eating honey with meat and fish, toxin is produced in the body. It has a bad effect on the body.
Do not consume it in equal proportion of ghee and honey. It can be toxic.

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