Health Tips: Empty stomach can be deadly, know what is the reason
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Health Tips: Empty stomach can be deadly, know what is the reason

People in modern life forget about taking care of anything other than their work. After work pressure and tired days, most of us fall asleep without eating at night. At the same time some people do not eat in the night due to fear of obesity. But the habit of eating without eating anything seriously can harm the health. At the same time, empty stomach stomach increases the risk of many diseases. Let us know how the body is harmed by empty stomach.

Many people think that the body does not need to eat at night. The body produces 24 hours of energy and works to burn calories all the time. For this, the body needs nutrients. According to Health Source, men who consume protein shake before sleeping at night feel more energized than others. Likewise, sleeping empty stomach in the night can feel tired the next day, which affects the ability to work.

People who have a habit of sleeping without eating dinner have a bad effect on their metabolism. It also affects the body’s insulin level. Apart from this, cholesterol and thyroid level worsens by stomach stomach. This habit can make a victim of many diseases.

Lack of stomach stomach with late night can cause stomachache due to hunger, which can also cause you to get upset in sleep. So if you want to take a relaxing sleep, then sleep without food.

Many people with obesity feel that weight is reduced quickly by sleeping empty stomach at night. If you feel like this then you are wrong. However, Health Experts recommend light meals at night. But without eating food, it also increases weight by harming health.


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