Keep life partner happy for longevity, research claims done
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Keep life partner happy for longevity, research claims done

t has all been heard that it is important to be happy to get long life and good health, but in one study it has come to the fore that with your happiness for a long life, it is also important to be happy with your spouse. According to the News Agency language, researcher Olga Stavrova, at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, said, “This study underlines the effect of a person’s surrounding social environment on the person’s health.

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According to a study published in the journal Psychological Science, those whose life spouses live active lives, their own lifestyle is also likely to be active. Stavrovova said that in the same way if your partner is depressed and likes to eat chips sitting in front of the TV in the evening then your habits will probably be similar.

Stavrovova studied the statistics of about 4400 couples in the United States, who were over 50 years old. About eight percent of the participants died after eight years of collecting data. The people who died were elderly, less educated, less rich, physically less active and poor health compared to live participants. They were less satisfied in relationships and in life than live participants and their life partners were less satisfied with life. The study found that the people whose spouse was satisfied at the beginning of the study were less likely to die.

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