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Health Tips: By adopting these 6 things, you can increase Yadasta

in the life of running and stress, people’s memory strength is decreasing. But if some measures are adopted by the expert, memory can be increased. Learn about those six things that increase or decrease 1- If your condition is weak, then you will get more money if you take money in your hair. Your brain and memory have […]

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Three Bales – God Buddha Motivational Context

Lord Buddha often used to teach his disciples One morning, many monks were sitting to listen to their discourse. Buddha reached the meeting on time, but today the disciple was amazed at seeing them because for the first time they brought something in their hands. On coming closer, the disciples saw that there was a rope in their […]

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Heat stroke due to unconsciousness in summer, Learn symptoms and defenses

Mercury is rising rapidly in the capital Delhi. The number of people reaching hospitals due to heat stroke is increasing. Ashutosh Biswas, professor of medicine department of AIIMS, says that after the heat stroke, the patient should immediately be taken to the hospital emergency. It can be murderous. Many people are called heat stroke due to any type of […]

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