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Make these tips strong with the body Immunity, Learn the signs of weak immune mechanisms

Frequent infection or seasonal allergic means that your immune system is weak. What are some things to keep in mind to improve your immunity, Rajlakshmi Tripathi is providing information on the occasion of the immune week to be held from April 24 to 30. Immunity is the ability to fight the toxins present in your body. There […]

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fat health heat stroke

Heat stroke due to unconsciousness in summer, Learn symptoms and defenses

Mercury is rising rapidly in the capital Delhi. The number of people reaching hospitals due to heat stroke is increasing. Ashutosh Biswas, professor of medicine department of AIIMS, says that after the heat stroke, the patient should immediately be taken to the hospital emergency. It can be murderous. Many people are called heat stroke due to any type of […]

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Your diet is linked to the health of the brain, Learn how

A new study has indicated that those who suffer from depression are more likely to face the gastrointestinal trauma crisis. It has been reported in this study that one-third of depressed people have chronic constipation. According to a report by the World Health Organization, India is the most depressed country in the world, where every sixth person […]

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